All Aboard for Learning

Full Curriculum Pre-K through Fifth Grade


My colleagues and I are amazed by Educate Station’s classroom resources. The worksheets and activities are perfectly organized and can easily be implemented in any classroom.

The activities and worksheets are aligned to standards and include every component of a lesson plan, from objectives to materials, and even assessments and differentiation.

Educate Station is a breath of fresh air for students, teachers, and parents.

- Tosha Gros, Educator & Parent


Educate Station provides easy-to-use, comprehensive learning plans with a robust range of extension activities across a wide range of subject areas and grade levels!

The beauty of the standards-aligned learning plans is that all of the support materials, including student-friendly worksheets, are included.

Educate Station Learning Plans are clearly designed by educators dedicated to engaging all students.

-Daina Lujan, Educator & Parent