All Aboard for Learning

Welcome to Educate Station!

Welcome to Educate Station! We’re so glad you’re here. We designed this site to be your one-stop destination for PreK-2nd grade learning. Currently, our site consists of two core pieces of content: learning plans and worksheets. Both are designed to engage children in meaningful, hands-on learning.

Week-by-Week Learning Plans

Whether you’re looking for hands-on activities to do in the classroom or supplementary projects to do at home, our learning plans are for you. These weekly plans consist of five days of instruction and activities, along with 5+ worksheets to support learning. Each of the plans are aligned to standards and topics that children need to master. While we have a suggested sequence for the learning plans, you can also mix and match or choose which plans work best for the children you’re supporting.

For example, if your child needs extra support with letter recognition, you might choose the learning plans that focus on the alphabet. Or if you’re looking for a full curriculum that addresses all Common Core State Standards, you can follow the learning plans in their suggested sequence.

In addition to being aligned with the CCSS, our learning plans also align with the Next Generation Science Standards, the National Council of Social Studies (NCSS) framework, and the CASEL framework. We have plans in ELA, math, science, social studies, and SEL, with more to come!

Worksheets Galore

Looking for supplementary worksheets to help kids practice core concepts? We’ve got thousands of worksheets ready to print. Browse through our collection of worksheets by subject, topic, grade level, or standard. Pro tip: Engage your kids in looking through the choices so that they can play a more active role in their learning.

More to Come!

We know that kids learn best when they are engaged in their education and are committed to creating activities that inspire kids to love learning. Our learning plans and worksheets encourage inquiry and curiosity. As you work with children on these activities, ask them questions about what they are learning and encourage them to ask questions as well. We want Educate Station to be a place where children and adults can engage in joyful learning experiences together.

We’ve got lots of fun ideas for additional content, which we’ll be rolling out regularly. What do you want to see us create next?